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Rebecca Stirm, from Roaring Creek, is representing Belize in Mission Catwalk, a reality series that has designers from all over the Caribbean competing for a chance to show their designs during the London Fashion Week.  Rebecca has dazzled the judges so far, and won episode 2’s competition, where she had a make a cultural piece, by creating a Mayan and Mestizo inspired dress.  She has already been invited to Caribbean Fashion Week.


We wish Rebecca the best of luck, although, luck has nothing to do with it.  If you’d like to help sponsor her for Caribbean Fashion Week, you can email her at  Rebecca is currently back in Belize, getting ready for the next competition, and she gave an interview to Channel 5.  


“Oh my goodness, well at first when they took us to the Hope Gardens I was thinking that they would make us make something out of leaves; we’re all like freaking out. But when they walked out in those nightgowns, oh god, and then when they told us thirty minutes, oh god. That was stress and then like I didn’t get any trimmings or anything. I just had the scissors and the needle and just started cutting. It was rush, like as you started thirty minutes was done. It was so fast; everyone was worried about getting eliminated that day.”

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