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Life in Belize is great for the tourists to relax and enjoy the times. Especially the tourism which adored by millions of people year round who visit for vacation, or become expats. The tropical breeze and the quiet life, along with the beautiful weather is enjoyed by all who visit, and those of past visits wishing to return.

The majority of the population in Belize are Catholics, although there are others which are practiced throughout such as Protestant, Buddhism, Islam, and of course we have the Mayan culture which is prominent throughout the country.

English is the chief language, although there are those who can speak several languages such as Creole, Garifuna, Mayan, and Spanish.

Belize is still considered by most of the world as a developing country, with its cost of living extremely low when compared to the United States.

Belize prides itself on being calm, peaceful, and relaxing…..you will not find the hustle and bustle that you are custom to when visiting as compared to the larger US cities. Most tourist can enjoy a plush quality of living while visiting, only on a shoe string budget. The luxury includes such things as luxurious resorts, scuba diving, fishing, horse riding, and much much more all at a price that’s very affordable.

The country also enjoys various land sports, such as football cycling, boxing and basketball. There are several festivals to choose from as options for entertainment throughout the year also such as Belize Film Festival, Mayan Festival and my favorite of all the Lobster Festival.

Life in Belize can be seen in the reflections of its nightlife and in other inexpensive cultural and modest vacation options. These different shades of Belize affords anyone wishing to visit or vacation various options to prepare for all the country has to offer to include its tropical beaches.