Vie en Ville


As soon as we crossed the border from Honduras to Belize, a lot of things changed. The vibes were better and more relaxed, the people happier, the language switched from Spanish to English and most importantly: the sun was shining!

Vie en Ville spent some time on an Island called ‘Caye Caulker’. To describe the lifestyle on this Island, we would like to tell you a little story. One morning we were walking home after a night of partying. We sat down to rest a bit in this unbelievable heat. During our break we were lucky  to witness a little play. A stereotype ripped athletic American dude is jogging across the beach. The sweat is dripping down his face. On a bench next to us a local guy with dreadlocks so long they almost touch the floor, is smoking his joint. Just like we are, he is watching the…

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