R. Doug Wicker — Author

Turns out that Dzibanché weren’t the only Mayan ruins we would visit this trip.  Reaching Belize City the next morning, we set out for the ruins of Altun Ha.  Unfortunately, the rains of the previous day were not shaken off during the short jaunt down the coast of the Yucatán Penisula, and we had mostly light precipitation throughout our shore excursion this day.

While the structures at Altun Ha are impressive, I thought the jungle setting at Dzibanché led to some better photographic opportunities.  Also influencing that impression were the better weather conditions the preceding day and the fact that there were almost no competing crowds getting in the way of photographic composition at Dzibanché.

Along the way we sighted some interesting artifacts, including this rather impressive termite nest and this sculptured face.

We also took note of a recently discovered Mayan calendar.  This particular one would have come…

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